WARNING: Do NOT read this unless you’re frustrated and fed up with your porn addiction!

The Traditional Recovery Methods Are All DEAD!

Discover How Our Students Are Quitting Porn And Living Their Best Life With The Newest Holistic Based & Growth Centric Porn Addiction Recovery Program

The Traditional Recovery Methods Are All DEAD!

Discover How Our Students Are Quitting Porn And Living Their Best Life With The Newest Holistic Based & Growth Centric Porn Addiction Recovery Program

Hey Brother,

You wouldn’t purposefully fill yourself with negative energy… ruin your relationships… sabotage success or perhaps the WORST…

Of course not. But the fact is porn has been doing that to you.

And if you’ve been watching porn for more than 10 years, then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

But before I tell you, let me show you: 


Amazing life-changing experience

Before joining rebuilt recovery and working with Frank, I had a very limiting belief in myself about quitting this habit that I was dealing with for over 15 years which was porn and masturbation. Going through this program was extremely challenging because I was in major conflict going against my mind and what I had believed about myself for so long. But Coach Frank was with me every step of the way even though at times I had relapses he would hold me accountable for my actions and give me alternative options for moving forward. I would definitely recommend this program to any man going through this epidemic in our time because I don't think anyone realizes how much this evil habit is destroying lives. 5 stars for the course lot of work to do keeps you busy and motivated to take back control of your life.

- Larry Lora

First off, I'm not really one for testimonials, reviews, or writing in general, but I'll have a go at it.

I first heard Frank Rich on the Fit for the Kingdom podcast with Trent Holbert, and something in me was drawn to his crusade.

As for porn, that came many years before. I was introduced at the age of 12. Through my teen years, I'd say I was probably a full-blown porn addict, and I neverdealt with it. As I got older, married, wife, kids, the usual stuff, porn would come and go. It was always there, lurking, waiting in the shadows. I could have an extended period hooked on it, followed by an extended period free from it. One thing was certain, it always came back. It definitely caused a strain on all my relationships, especially on my marriage.

Through Frank's coaching, I was able to identify triggers and acknowledge the problems that porn was causing in my life. His plan helped me to build new habits, routines, and disciplines to deal with porn's attacks. I especially enjoyed the creation of a morning routine and the peace that the gratitude journaling gives me throughout the day. The fitness plan was put together well, and was adapted to my capabilities. It pushed me, and my strength gains were considerable.

I feel like I'm more equipped to serve others, and help others that may be dealing with a porn addiction. At very least, I feel like I can walk alongside them in their troubles.

I know that porn will never cease to raise its ugly head, but now I'm fully prepared to deal with it when it does.

- Philip Johnson

Not the same man I was

This program has changed my life I never would have thought I would be where I am today. Frank has helped me in so many ways I never thought were possible. I'm excited to get out of bed in the morning and crush my goals, never was excited to get out of bed with porn in my life.

Just how everything is laid out in the program and structured is life-changing. Before I joined his program, porn and lust owned me. It had a hold on me I'm 31 years old and have been hooked on porn since I was eleven or twelve years old. So this transformation is huge for me thanks to this program. I tried all kinds of different things, but nothing seemed to work until one day, I was on youtube and saw one of his videos pop up. I watched it, then I saved it. I wasn't sure at first, so I thought about it for a few days, then reached out to him, it's been an amazing journey ever since.

Frank has been a fantastic coach. He has been so great for me. He truly does care. He had answers to all my questions. He has given me the tools to walk this out for the rest of my life. Try this program out. You will not be disappointed.

-Scott Chapman


In case you don’t know me, hi my name is Frank and let me tell you how we ended up here.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been committed to transforming the lives of men from all around the world. From building more muscle, burning those hard-to-lose final pounds to reveal 6-pack abs, to developing a winning mindset, overcoming fear & building self-confidence, and now breaking the chains of lust & sexual addiction - I’ve done it all as a leader of men.

But just like you, I was a porn addict myself. I was there in that dark place struggling to find my way out. And it wasn’t until I discovered some unusual methods that I was able to get rid of my porn-addicted self. 

 Muscle Management To Making
Men Porn-Proof

In January 2020, I was coming up on 12 months porn-free and feeling freedom in life like never before.

I was the Head of Sales & Partnerships for a rapidly growing marketing agency, my podcast, The Super Human Life had some early success with being recognized by Apple as “New & Noteworthy” & we were booking bigger & bigger guests, my health was on point and I was running for the first time in over a decade, and Frank Rich Fitness was in a great place transforming a lot of physical lives.
But… I knew something was still missing. God had guided me to this journey and now was telling me to do something bigger.

So I started putting more effort into my podcast, The Super Human Life. And as days, weeks and eventually, months went by my listeners started to tell me the impact I had on their lives.

And soon after, my dm’s were filled with my listener’s messages.

They were asking for tips and tricks to get rid of their porn addictions with some even asking me to coach them.
Which was surprising considering the amount of porn recovery methods there are.

So I spoke with some people who had gone through the programs and what I found was shocking.

So shocking that I quickly realized how BADLY I WAS NEEDED HERE.


Before we get into anything, I want to make sure you and I are on the same page. PORN IS A PROBLEM AND IT NEEDS TO BE TREATED.

And unlike you and me, most Americans don’t even acknowledge the harmful effects porn has on our brains and our bodies.

Why are the traditional
methods failing you?

The conventional methods that people keep talking about are very one-dimensional.

They focus on a single aspect of the problem which causes the WHOLE RECOVERY PROGRAM to become INCOMPLETE.

A 12 step approach, such as SAA, for example, has you fully surrender and submit your power over to the addiction. You must acknowledge to yourself every day that you are an addict, and that the addiction has power over you.

Doesn’t sound like taking back control of the driver’s seat in our lives, does it?

Even if you temporarily get rid of your addiction, your self-confidence and self-worth will be at depressing levels.
As a man, that’s not something you want, do you?

And as much I love the church, I don’t believe they are ready to successfully solve this issue.

Especially considering when many people in high positions are themselves facing the same problem.

You see, all these traditional recovery methods focus on just the problem. Which is not enough.

What we do, on the other hand, is find the root cause of the addiction. I focus on the “WHY” of the problem. That way, we can solve the problem inside out.

My job is to take you from a person who can’t live without porn to a person who wakes up energized ready to crush his day.

Most Common Internet-Traps People Fall Into

Maybe you tried No Fap before… or maybe you watched a motivational video and swore to never touch porn again.

Or perhaps you even tried your own way of getting rid of porn.

Did you succeed?

Most people don’t...

Do you know why?

After working closely with so many clients, I’ve boiled down the reasons to just these two major ones-

Self Belief:

If you’ve tried multiple times and failed at it and aren’t succeeding anywhere else in life, there’s a good chance that deep inside, you just don’t see yourself throwing away your porn addiction. Which then makes it almost impossible to succeed in ANY KIND of challenge.

Character traits:

No matter what anyone says, willpower, discipline, and the courage to do things necessary to build a successful life are of utmost importance. You probably had all of these in the beginning, but it slowly faded away as time went by.

So if you’ve tried and failed with other methods, or if you’re hesitant to try them out, DO NOT WORRY.

I have a solution...

A solution that will work even if-

-You’ve been watching porn from a young age

-You’re determined, but can’t stop this habit despite having high levels of motivation in the beginning.

-You’ve tried multiple times to finally let go of your addiction, only to find yourself repeating the same bad habits.

And that solution is...

This Program is Life-Changing

This program is life-changing. It's made to help men overcome pornography and re-discover, or discover, who they are as sons of God. It's run by a man that has walked that path in his own life, felt the damaging effects of porn, and overcame it. Now he's helping us do the same.

From the moment I stumbled across his channel. I felt connected to it. Other mainstream channels that talked about porn recovery didn't go as deep as Frank did. I was hooked. I wondered, "How could a channel with so much value be overlooked?"

The program is a must-have for any man struggling with pornography, from the coaching to the structure and meaning. Any man that takes it seriously WILL see results. I know I have. As 18-year-old writing this. I can confidently say. I know who I am. I am a man, made in God's image, born again and free from any bondage.

This course helped me realize that. I want you reading this to experience what I did.

-Samael M.


Become A Man That Can Live Porn Free

Reboot Your Life is the world’s first fully integrated holistic-based and growth-centric approach to quitting porn and living your best life.

It is designed to help you quit porn without relapsing or falling back into your old destructive habits.

I’ve created this program in such a way that it brings the best of both worlds- Porn Recovery and Fitness.

It’s a done-for-you 16-week step-by-step program that will help you:
  • To have full control over your urges
  • To wake up full of energy every single day
  • To stop masturbating ONCE AND FOR ALL.
  • To bring new levels of energy into your relationship
  • To build a body you never thought was possible

Here’s how it works:

For the next 4 months, I’ll take you on a journey that will help you remove porn from your life.

We’ll have you go through three phases, where we’ll identify your causes, weaknesses, and other vulnerabilities.

The program will be divided into these 3 Phases:
Because you’ve been exposed to porn from a young age, your brain has formed many unhealthy neural pathways. These pathways cause you to repeat the same self-destructing habits over and over again. In the first part of this phase, I’ll help you unwire these pathways after which removing porn we’ll become as easy as pie. Then in the second part, we’ll rewire your brain to remove all the negative beliefs and harmful habits that your brain is been conditioned into.
A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. Infact, physical training programs are one of the greatest tools we have to build self-discipline and increase our willpower. This is because physical training causes us to put quantifiable effort and measure quantifiable results. Which is why it makes sense to rebuild your body. With the help of my muscle-building programs and gut-focused diets, we’ll fill your body with healthy testosterone and elevated energy levels.
Love is perhaps the strongest force in the world but porn has a negative effect on it since it blinds you and even causes you to look at women as nothing more than sex objects. If you’re having trouble with your current relationships, then this will change that around for you.

My goal for the first few weeks will be to root out your triggers so that you can automatically be able to control your addiction.
My goal for the first few weeks will be to root out your triggers so that you can automatically be able to control your addiction.

After which, I’ll help you build a life where PORN NO LONGER EXISTS.

(Once you complete this, you’ll HAVE NO REASON to go back to your old habits)

You’ll have a done-for-you system whose rewards will be better than the pleasure from porn. 

Why do I believe this will work for you?

Why are the traditional
methods failing you?

Are you constantly trying to quit porn, but failing miserably at it?

Are you sick and tired of masturbating every day, but still doing it anyway?

Are you dreaming of the day when you’ll finally let go of porn once and for all?

If you answered “yes” to any one of those, then you, my friend, are the perfect fit for this program.
You see, the reason this Reboot Your Life program works is because we use a method known as the “IDENTITY CHANGE”.

We never have and never will treat the addiction. What we’re gonna do in the program is treat the man going through that addiction.

We are not going to make you quit porn, we are going to transform you into a person who’s not addicted to porn.

Just like these people-

Amazing course! Overcame my addictions and started my own business!

This coaching program was worth every penny! I was engaged when I decided to join the program because I did not want to risk bringing porn into my marriage and I'm so grateful that Frank was there to help me. READ MORE

-Thiago Lusvarghi

The Program you Need to Invest In

Frank really helped me out by helping me understand the neuroscience behind what porn does to your brain. It had become so habitual in my life that I was numb to the negative effects it had on my life.

After going through this program, my focus is more clear, I have a different view of women and my relationship has never been in a better place.

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who struggles with porn addiction or even casually views it. The process frank takes you through if unwiring and rewriring your brain is incredibly powerful and will change your life.

-Drew Nelson

Amazing Coaching Experience - Life Changing

Awesome coaching experience with Frank. He has helped me improve multiple areas of my life, including my addiction which has stopped since working with him.

Also, I have had my best ever financial months with my business, as a result of being more productive and following the delf development work which is an integral part of the coaching programme.

If you're looking to stop addiction and become.

-Tribe Training

Working with Frank was truly an…uplifting experience

Working with Frank was truly an uplifting experience, his guidance and leadership through the course of a few months helped me become a better man. First in Gods eyes, then my wifes and finally in my own! Frank is addressing the taboo that no one wants to acknowledge is destroying todays society especially the male population.

-Peter Wall

Here’s what’s included in the course


So you’re probably wondering just 
how much this costs?

Well… if you were to hire me for one-on-one coaching, you’d be paying $1000 every month. You could also get my services for $150/hr for SINGLE coaching calls.

But because I want to expand my reach and help as many people as possible, you’ll be able to get Reboot Your Life program for just $297 or 4 payments of $97.

Not to mention, you’ll also get these 3 Very Special Gifts-
Muscles are broken in the gym and made in the kitchen. So I couldn’t leave you with just the training program. The carnivore reset will not only help you build muscle quickly but also improve gut health and brain functionality along with optimizing your hormone levels.
Fasting is a challenge and it should be. In here, I’ll teach you the science of fasting and how you can challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.
During the course of this program, you’ll go through the process called “IDENTITY CHANGE”. This will transform you into a completely different person. This bonus is a recommended list of books, articles and videos for the “future you”.

Here’s How You Can 
Quit Porn At My Risk

You see, my mission in life is to help men quit porn and live a great life. So if you’re still on the fence, let me make it easier for you.

Enroll in this course and give it a shot. See for yourself if this course makes a difference in your life or not. And if for any reason, within a year, you want your money back, just email me and I’ll give all of it back (no questions asked).

Ready to get started?

Let’s do something 
good together

*In addition to you finding freedom,10% of all the sales made from the Reboot Your Life program will be donated to STOP THE MOVEMENT, an organization in the human traffic awareness space raising awareness on the dangers of human trafficking and its ties to pornography.

So let’s add everything and see what kind of deal you have here.

For just $297 (or 4 payments of $97) you’ll be getting a proven step-by-step method to quit porn and live your life freely, which includes:
But then, at no additional cost, you’re also getting:

Feel like a man again

The experience of a porn induced erectile dysfunction is something I wouldn't wish on my worst of enemies.

Was I skeptical before investing? Of course! But I am so grateful for starting the program.

One of the breakthroughs I had was identifying my own cognitive dissonance. How I got in my own way of the real relationship I want with women.

Frank is a builder. He makes men be who they are meant to be in mind body and soul.

If you want the best relationship with women it starts with you being the best version of yourself. This will get you there faster.

-Sterling Turner

THAT’S ALL FROM ME, the decision is in your hands now.
And at this point, you have two options-
DO NOTHING! And live your life the way you’ve been living, getting the same results you’ve been getting.

And that would be fine if you’re already succeeding in life.

But if you want to finally take control of your life to not only quit porn but also build a body that you’ll love…

I want you to take a second here and seriously consider taking the second option.
Take action and say “yes” to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Choose to turn your life around in just 16 weeks and say goodbye to porn forever after today.

Remember, all you need to do is just TRY THIS OUT and I’ll cover you with my 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The choice is yours to make.
*10% of all the sales made from the Reboot Your Life program will be donated to STOP THE MOVEMENT, an organization in the human traffic awareness space raising awareness on the dangers of human trafficking and the ties to pornography. 


Will this work for me?

My results speak for themselves. I’ve worked with a variety of clients and none of them left disappointed.

Will this work for my partner?

If you can convince him to read this page and purchase this course, then he can definitely transform into the person you want him to become.

What if this program doesn’t work for me?

As long as you have a strong desire to quit porn and are committed enough to invest in the program, this program will work for you. But for any reason, you don’t see the results I promise on this page, I’ll give all your money back.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there’s a 365-day guarantee. You can ask for a refund anytime within 1 year of trying it out.

What makes this course different?

Unlike the programs out there, Reboot Your LIfe focuses on “IDENTITY CHANGE”. Remember, we don’t treat the porn addiction, we treat the person addicted to porn.

What will I experience while going through THE REBOOT YOUR LIFE COURSE?

Improved sense of confidence and self-worth

. Improved relationships and the ability to connect with others

. Increase in muscle mass with a decrease in fat percentage

. Better mental clarity and focus

. Becoming completely porn-proof

How fast can I get rid of my porn addiction?

The program is designed to help you remove porn from your life in the beginning 2-4 weeks after which we’ll create a new lifestyle for you. Once you enter the next phase, you’ll no longer need porn.
How long does it take to recover & heal from porn?

Full recovery and reboot varies from client to client depensing on too many variables to list here. Many times we experience a shift and change in the man once he makes the DECISION to take back control of his life, then our program works with him for 16 weeks to help gain control and build a life worth living without porn.

We also believe though that the approach needs to be a lifestyle shift and change, and not one where you join pur program for 4 months, then return back to your old patterns of behaviour.

Our philosophy are rooted in a belief that, "In order to overcome your addiction to pornography, you must BECOME the man that is no longer addicted to porn."
I am 50+ years old have struggled with this for decades, will this work for me?
Will I have to tell my wife, spouse, girlfriend about my addiction?
Is the coaching private and confidential?
How much does the program cost?